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We are a grassroots group of Marlington citizens - we support saving and improving our three community elementary buildings.

Our elementary schools

Will Marlington really save money after building new?

Click above to read why we believe the financial woes of neighboring school districts show that a "no" vote protects Marlington's future.

Financial woes continue for neighboring district

Click above to see how the supposed money saving from consolidation hasn't happened at Waterloo Local Schools. Is this a glimpse into Marlington's financial future if we consolidate?

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How are Marlington tax dollars being spent?

Do you wonder how Marlington is spending your taxpayer money? Click on the link above for directions on how to navigate to learn about all expenditures of the Marlington Local School District for fiscal years 2013 - 2016.

Spreadsheets of Marlington expenditures for FY13 - FY16

Click on each link below to view a spreadsheet from of Marlington expenditures for fiscal years 2013 - 2016. Download as an Excel spreadsheet (top right-side arrow) or open with Google Sheets to be able to sort the columns to easily view the expenditures by sorted category. For example, sort by "Fund Description" to view expenditures by fund (ex. Permanent Improvement) or by "IRN Name" to view spending by building (ex. Lexington).
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Is the NEXUS pipeline an "if”? You decide.

Click above to learn about the status of the NEXUS pipeline.

The NEXUS pipeline in the Marlington Administration building!

Marlington leaders said nothing publicly about the NEXUS pipeline project until members of the public exposed it in February 2017. However, this photo was taken in the administration office in very early 2017. It shows the path the pipeline will take through the Marlington District. Even while district officials downplayed the pipeline news once exposed, having a wall dedicated to it seems to indicate that they've been counting on that money for quite some time.

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New income source for Marlington worth millions of $!

Click above to learn about Marlington's share of the NEXUS pipeline revenue - projected to exceed $14,000,000 pro-rated over the first five years of operation!

Local schools to get millions of $ from NEXUS pipeline!

Click above to learn how local schools will share $270 million per year from the oil and natural gas industry.

Why are farmers hesitant to support the bond issue?

Click here to read how state legislators have confirmed that we were right (again) when we said this bond issue would hurt our local "cry-baby" farmers.

Will it really cost more to repair than to build?

Click above to learn about the repair and new construction estimates.

Youngstown moving back to the neighborhood school model

Youngstown City Schools has decided to go BACK to neighborhood schools. Click here to find out why.

What is Marlington's financial situation?

Click above to view Marlington's 5-year forecast, which was approved by the Marlington Board of Education at the October 20, 2016 meeting and submitted to The Ohio Department of Education as required by Ohio law.

What about asbestos?

Click above to learn the facts about asbestos, a naturally-occurring earth mineral.

What can we expect with busing?

Click above for some points to consider about busing which our 1,100 elementary students may experience, if the bond issue to build one consolidated elementary building passes.

How has the permanent improvement money been spent?

Would you like to know how the District spent the $525,000 permanent improvement money which is generated yearly by your tax dollars? Click above to learn!

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Marlington January 2017 survey results

Click above for the results of a telephone survey which was conducted after the Board had cast two votes in the process of placing the issue on the ballot. The District paid $12,650 to a New Orleans firm to survey 400 Marlington residents.

What about that "survey"?

Click above for the 11 "reasons" that were given during the District's "survey" for building a new elementary school, along with a different perspective on each issue which should be considered by voters.

Are the buildings being maintained properly?

Click above to learn about concerns which were cited by the administration as rationale for new buildings during the 2012 levy campaign and still are being cited as needs for this 2017 building bond issue.

Was new contract vote for Superindent Knoll legal?

Here's why Carolyn Gabric voted "no" on the superintendent's contract renewal. Did some board members act illegally?

At the February 15th Marlington Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Knoll's contract was renewed by a 4-1 vote. Carolyn Gabric cast the lone "no" vote after voicing her concern about possible violations of the Open Meetings Act, which she alleged had occurred outside of legally called board meetings.

Copies of text messages among board members as well as a documented e-mail exchange demonstrate that discussion was had and the decision on the superintendent's contract was made by four board members outside of the public board meeting. This appears to be in violation of Ohio's Open Meetings Act. All board members were even provided with a copy of the press release announcing Mr. Knoll's contract renewal the day BEFORE the board meeting even took place. Mrs. Gabric concluded that she was uncomfortable being a part of what was not a legal process and voted "no" as a result. (Mrs. Gabric possesses written proof of the apparent Open Meetings Act violations.)

After Mrs. Gabric reviewed the alleged illegal actions that had taken place (which put the district at risk for a legal challenge), none of the other board members asked for additional information or explanation. No consult was made with board counsel. They moved forward with the vote in which they each readily voted "yes", having no apparent concern that they were potentially taking part in an illegal action.

It is concerning that four out of the five people on the Marlington Board were willing to blindly cast a "yes" vote after just having been told that it was most likely illegal. The pressure for individual board members to fall in line with the administration and board president/vice president is very evident when you are an observer at the board meetings. We've heard the cry for "board unity", but should it come at the cost of apparent unethical or illegal actions?

(As a side note, Mrs. Gabric also cited her concern about the level of pay raise and signing bonus the superintendent is being given with the contract. She concluded that this is not fiscally responsible considering how the district has suggested it doesn't have adequate funds to properly repair our elementary schools.)

More facts to consider!

Have you considered these additional facts about the effects of Issue 11? Click above to see.

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The Alliance Review and The Canton Repository

Click above to read why Marlington residents oppose a 20-year $15,000,000 (+ interest) bond levy which will destroy our three community elementary buildings and replace these valuable resources with one consolidated 1,100-student elementary building.

Citizens for Responsibility - Who We Are

A reporter from The Alliance Review recently submitted questions to find out more about our group. Perhaps you would like to know more about us as well. Click above to learn about this diverse group of Marlington citizens.

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